Dear Drunk Driver

Dear Drunk Driver,

You are so lucky that you collided with me. You are so fortunate that I was the one just beyond that white line in the distance beyond the beaming red light. I am a 30 year old abled bodied woman: a strong human being. I was able to endure the impact and keep my head straight as you spun me through a familiar intersection. I was tough enough to grit my teeth through the shock and evolving pain to exit my vehicle. Looking back, I’m more impressed with my emotional strength than that of my physical tolerance. As you got out of your car and walked my way, it was you I felt bad for. I knew that you had the red light and causing the collision would be a burden, both financially and emotionally in this modern world. I suppressed the anger of my mangled dream car and possible injuries to worry about you.

Then I was slammed with a reality more astonishing then the steal impact of your F250 against my brand new car. You walked towards the scene as Police approached, and you looked right through me. There wasn’t a wince of empathy on your face or even a polite gesture of concern in your eyes. Then I heard you tell the police, ” I was coming from McNears, I had two drinks“.

It didn’t hit me in the moment, but as the days have past that initial concern I felt for you has turned to rage. Your decisions could have had devastating consequences.

What you don’t know is that earlier that day I was nannying for two wonderful children, ages three and seven. They were in that car with me all day long. I had just left their house. The point of contact where your truck impaled my door, was right where the 3 year old would have been buckled into his carseat. His sister just one seat away.

What you don’t realize that is that I walk across that street weekly. I live a block away. Your truck blowing through the red light and my car spinning uncontrollably through the intersection could have killed pedestrians.

What you don’t know is that I have a bad right shoulder; I was a softball pitcher in college and had shoulder surgery in high school. I rely heavily on my left shoulder to compensate for the lack of strength in my right. The collision has caused injury to my left shoulder. You have stolen my summer hopes of wake boarding my weekends away. Not to mention, with every twist and turn in the night Im reminded of the accident.

What you don’t know is that you obliterated my dream car. “The Beast” was only 4 months old and she was everything I could have ever dreamed of in a car. Sometimes when I hopped in to drive her I would sit and just smile at her sleek interior. I was so proud to walk up to her in the parking lot and be the one to drive her away. She had abundant summer plans and too many pictures to count to prove how proud I was to own her.

When my car came sliding to a stop. I was completely alone. My phone had been thrown in the accident and I had no way of contacting my support system. I am beyond grateful for the kindest woman (Megan) and her son. They stopped to comfort me and offered their perspective to the authorities. She lended me a caring hand, a way to contact my family, and waited with me until I was surrounded by familiar faces. Thank you, so much.

You see, you are so lucky that you collided with me. You are so fortunate that in your second DUI offense, the only thing you killed was my dream car.



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  1. Omg! I can’t believe this happened to you! I am so happy to know that you survived this, had you not, a entire community would be devastated. We love you Sara.


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